Saturday, October 14, 2006

Set off at 08:50, clearer morning today but overcast. Stopped in Stone for a bit of shopping. Like Tom Rolt in “Narrow Boat”, I like Stone, nice people and good shopping close to the canal even though 70 years have intervened. We bought some storage boxes to go under the well deck for fuel, they look tidier than plastic sacks. I am resisting stacking bags of coal on the roof, but may have to as we move into winter.
Moved a little distance to Stone Boatbuilders to top up with diesel and get some solid fuel. We still seem to averaging around 1 litre an hour, running the heating or the engine.

We finished another long day near the Wedgewood factory at bridge 104. Hard work today, all the locks seemed to be against us. There was very little traffic in either direction.

Bruno is still looking unwell, he’s listless and uninterested in anything. He’s spending a lot of time sleeping. I’ve done an internet search for vets near Stoke, just in case.
We’ve decided to stay here for Sunday, to give him a chance to rest.

11 locks, 12¼ miles.

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