Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Relieved to say that Bruno is back to his old self today. We think maybe he had strained something, or pulled a muscle jumping on and off the boat. As I jogged between locks on the flights today, he was trotting along happily beside me. A great weight off our minds.

We got up early, as we planned a heavy day, starting with Harecastle Tunnel and then carrying on with about 15 locks. We left at 07:35, and arrived at the tunnel at 08:05. We had to wait for a boat coming through from the north, but also I’d stoked the fire up, not thinking that naked flames are not allowed in the tunnel. So I had to empty it all. Still, I was able to save the fuel.
We filled up with water while waiting, and entered the tunnel mouth at 08:45, on our own. A fast run saw us out and emptying the loo at the north end by 09:30. The new lamp (actually, an old chrome one I kept from my store of classic car parts), worked a treat.

Got rid of rubbish at Red Bull, and had an easy run through 18, yes 18 locks, finishing just past Hassel Green. One minor incident in one of the Lawton flight when I had forgotten to close a ground paddle at the top of the lock before opening the gate paddles at the bottom.
Caused some strange effects in the lock, but I sorted it out before affecting the water level in the pound.
Lock 42 and Poole Aqueduct. The spot (arrowed) is the head of the lady steering a boat across the aqueduct on the Macclesfield Canal.

We had such a good run we moored up at 13:40. Rain started at about 16:00.

18 locks, 8¼ miles.

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