Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Well, November started autumn for us, frost on the cabin roof, mist on the water and not a breath of wind.
We moved off at 08:00, after clearing out the stove ready for Harecastle. Through the remaining 3 locks of the Red Bull flight and waved straight into the tunnel.

Under Poole Aqueduct

Out into sunlight by 09:40, the only drawback being not being able to see where to go! The low sun, directly ahead, and the smoke from the relit stove made the view forward very difficult. As the sun rose higher it became less of a problem, but was still an issue all the way through Stoke.
We cleared the last of the Stoke locks by about 13:00, and pressed on down to Meaford, getting through these by 15:00. At this point we made the decision to carry on and get through Stone before stopping for the night just before Aston lock. We tied up at 16:30 after a long but satisfying day. Another cold night in the offing, but we’ll be toasty on board.

18 locks, 16½ miles.

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