Thursday, November 16, 2006

Monday 13th to Thursday 16th November 2006

Traumatic times!
Bruno was OK in the morning, but started to go downhill in the afternoon. He seemed unable to get comfortable, was occasionally sick and very restless. On Andy’s recommendation I made an appointment at Borrajo’s, the vet in Birstall (of TV fame, apparently) as we intended to move there on Tuesday.
But Bruno wasn’t waiting till then, so we called out an emergency ambulance for him and took him into the PDSA clinic in Leicester, where Vetcall operate from out-of-hours. He spent the night there sedated and on a drip, and was transferred to Borrajos on Tuesday morning.
Many thanks to Brad the driver, and the staff at Vetcall.
We collected the old chap from the vet on Tuesday evening, a lot brighter, but still sleepy from the medication. He had a good nights sleep, and improved steadily through the day, eating well and taking regular short walks. Dad has lent us his car again (what would we do without him?) so it was easy to get back to Birstall for a follow up appointment on Wednesday evening. John Borrajo was happy with progress but wants to see him again in about a week. He prescribed a course of antibiotics and agreed to give him his annual MOT next week if he has recovered. As we’re staying here for a few more days, I’ve arranged a berth at Raynsway Marina in Thurmaston. This gives us easier access to facilities, and secure parking for the car.
While Bruno was ill, I also had the same symptoms, unable to keep anything down. Maybe a combination of worry and my unplanned swim on Sunday.
We moved off to Thurmaston on Thursday at about 11:00, arriving around 13:30 The marina is very pleasant, with good facilities and company. We’re moored next to NB BALMAHA ( for a few days.

The navigation is suffering from an infection of Floating Pennywort.

Bruno continues to improve, eating well and taking an interest in what’s going on again. Me too.

Locks 4
Miles 4½

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Val & Neil said...

Bruno, get well too Geoff. Hi Mum....miss you all. Lots of Love from Canada.
Val and Neil