Sunday, November 12, 2006

Thursday 9th to Sunday 12th November 2006.
Quiet days Thursday and Friday, then on Saturday went across to the boatyard to fill with diesel, top up coal bunkers and gas, and spend money in the chandlery! OK on the way across the cut, the wind just blew us over, but getting back was a different matter entirely!

We’d decided to empty the loo and fill with water on Sunday, so combined this with a trip into Loughborough to B&Q to get some timber to line the inside of the cabin doors. We took along Andy and family.

Met Andrew Denny on NB Granny Buttons ( at Mountsorrel, and followed him down to Barrow where he was filling with water. He’s heading north to Shardlow later in the week.

I’d misjudged how long it was to take us to get back to Sileby, and consequently we finished the last mile or so from Mountsorrel in the dark. While tying up I took a wrong step and got my first bath! Not recommended, the water here is cold and pretty deep! Still, no harm done, I even kept my cap and glasses on! I’ve no doubt the kids will be talking about it for days. I’m glad Nyree and Andy were on board though, else I’d have had to paddle my way to the stern to climb back on. As it was they hauled me over the gunwale onto the foredeck.

Bruno hadn’t been so good on Saturday, listless and not eating, but brightened up again on Sunday.

Locks 6
Miles 13
Swim 1

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