Friday, November 03, 2006

Another beautiful, clear frosty morning. How long can this weather last? On the move just before 08:00, stopped at the services in the Fradley flight, but had to wait to fill up with water. By the time we had finished, other folk were on the move so we had to queue to go down the last 2 locks, and caught up with a boat at every lock up to Stenson. This meant we had to empty almost all of the locks we came to, which slowed us a little, but we arrived at Stenson lock at 16:30.
We’d met a couple at Fradley who were going through to Nottingham, and made a tentative arrangement to share the broad locks down to the Trent tomorrow. Saw them at Stenson and confirmed the arrangement.
Starting to feel a little weary, now. Up at 06:30, and travelling for 8-9 hours a day takes it’s toll after a while. Only 1 more day of this, then we can relax.

Locks 13
Miles 16

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