Saturday, November 04, 2006

Last day to get as close to Sileby as possible. Off at 08:00 with Ian and Gillian on “Little Lady” as arranged. Through Stenson lock then set off towards Swarkestone. Arrived after about an hour, but had had no sign of the other boat for the last 30 minutes. Helped a boat up the lock, then waited another 15 minutes or so but still no show, so we pressed on on our own. I wonder what happened. I hope they are OK.

Autumn Colours

Solo’d the locks until Derwent Mouth, which we shared with a cruiser. Traffic going in the opposite direction meant that most of the locks were full ready for us. Dredging operations near Swarkestone had been suspended for the weekend.


Through Sawley, shared with the same cruiser, and then onto the Soar.

Sawley Marina and Ratcliffe Power Station

A boater at Sawley told us that they had heard that Kegworth Deep lock was being closed on Monday for new gates. This would limit us as we had intended to stop just north of this lock. As it happened, there was no room anyway, most of the mooring taken up by workboats ready for Monday.
We decided to press on and stop at Zouch lock. Arrived at just before 17:00.

Locks T&M 6, Trent 1, Soar 3 = 10
Miles 17

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