Tuesday, November 07, 2006

A very enjoyable day on Sunday, a family meal at the Chard Restaurant near Nottingham, followed by “a bit of a do” at brother Andy’s place. It was good to catch up with everyone, especially my older brother Pete and his daughter Hannah down from Scotland, and sister Sue who lives in New Zealand and recently got married over there. We stayed the night at Andy’s and came back to the boat on Monday morning. Sue hadn’t seen Seyella, so we took her and Andy and Nyree for a short cruise into Loughborough and back, stopping for an excellent lunch at The Plough at Normanton on the way back. The rest of the afternoon was quiet, recovering from the exertions of the weekend.

We had heard through the grapevine that the planned closure of Kegworth Deep lock on Monday had been postponed till Friday, so this gave us the opportunity to get up to Redhill and ask Reg at Boat Hoods Direct to do some mods on the cratch cover he made for us a month or so ago.

New gates for Kegworth Deep

When we got to Kegworth, BW guys told us that they were just waiting for the delivery of the balance beams, and then would start with the replacement of the gates in the morning. So we dropped off the cover at Redhill, and came back down to Zouch so we didn’t get stuck on the wrong side of Kegworth. Dad will run me back up by car when the cover is ready, then I’ll refit the clips on the boat as required.

Arrived back at Zouch about 15:30, after a beautiful sunny day on the water.

Saw this brand new Dutch Barge coming up through Ratcliffe Lock. £180k and it’s yours!

Over the 2 days, locks 10, miles 16½.

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