Monday, May 03, 2021

We’re in Wales!

For the first time since we joined the Llangollen last autumn we’re finally heading upstream to the top of the navigation! OK, we’ve made brief forays across the border to Chirk Tunnel to turn around, but they don’t really count.

So we did what we’d planned, turning around a week last Friday at Lion Quays and headed back towards Ellesmere.

Beautiful days but chilly nights

Full moon on the 26th.

We arrived back in Ellesmere a week ago and moored on the Ellesmere Arm, surprisingly empty.

Val and John came to see us on the Wednesday, and we enjoyed fish and chips for the chippy. Well up to their usual standard, both in quality and portion size!

With Mags’ pills finally collected an cupboards and fridge refilled we headed off westward again on Thursday, this time with the clear intent of getting up to Llangollen.

Around the bendy bits at Val Hill

With a lot of hire boats out and about I was dreading meeting something coming the other way here, several blind bridges to negotiate… But we got away with it, not coming across a convoy till Frankton Junction.

With overnight stops near Bridge 61 and again at St. Martins we crossed Chirk Aqueduct and through the tunnel on Saturday, pulling in to moor opposite Chirk Marina.

Farm cat’s lunch sorted near New Marton Locks.

Cutting north of Chirk Tunnel

With the weather looking dodgy for today and tomorrow, but better on Wednesday, it looks like we’ll leave it till then to cross the Dee on Pontcysyllte Aqueduct, and then onwards along the valley to the terminus.

Muscovy Duck yesterday… “Gimme some bread!”

Amber and I had a splendid walk first thing today, before the rain. Back to Chirk Tunnel but along the top of the cutting on the east side. Even the activity at the laminate factory couldn’t detract from the sounds and smells of the local fauna and flora preparing for summer. Lovely.

Amber had other things on her mind though, lots of squirrels to chase through the trees!  

Since last post – Locks 4, miles 21.5

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