Sunday, June 14, 2020

Still pottering about.

Well, we’re still here, in and around Ellesmere. There are a few more boats coming and going, but the canal is still very quiet.

Just two or three boats on the Ellesmere Arm at the weekend.

Did I mention that we had a new Shoreline fridge delivered last Friday week? The old one went out through the side hatch, and the new one came in the same way. I started it up and left it for a couple of hours to settle then set it the same as the old one and loaded it up. The following day I discovered that it is far more efficient than the old one…

Frozen Coke, anyone?!

To get rid of the old one I hired a car from Enterprise on Monday, no dearer than finding a man and van I thought, loaded it up and took it to the tip at Oswestry. Then in the afternoon we snuck across the border and into Wales to visit Val and Johnny who are still isolating. Social distancing rules were rigorously observed, apart from by the dogs who got to know each quite well…

The car was collected on Tuesday morning, and the checks revealed a scratch along the offside wing extending onto the door panel which wasn’t there when I parked up Monday evening. Bugger. I do have insurance to cover damage to a hired vehicle, but I still have to pay up front before claiming it back. And I’ll lose the excess. So the cheap option  wasn’t so cheap after all. Turned out to be a very expensive fridge. Ah well.

Amber continues to settle in to boat life, she’s more confident on the counter when we move and likes to have a good sniff around when we moor in different places.

“Does my bum look big in this…?”

I’m happy to let her have a mooch about off lead as well, so long as there’s no distractions. Recall still needs some work but we’re getting there.

“Come on Dad, get them boots on!”


Something interesting down in the field…

I bought her a Kong biscuit ball to complement the classic Kong she likes to have her lunch out of. Typical child, she was more interested in the packaging than the ball!

That’s about it. Another week hanging about, I’ve some ebay items coming to the garage next week, then we’ll be off, heading back to the Shroppie. One of the purchases is a Furminator, a grooming brush that is supposed to be extremely good at removing the dead hair from the fine undercoat beneath Amber’s outer, guard coat. The double coat is a legacy of her genetic link to Carpathian shepherd dogs which were bred to protect flocks on the mountains all year round. 

And that’s about it. Thank you SheilaToo for your kind comments, I‘ve not posted them as there’s some personal information there you may not want sharing with all and sundry. Interesting though. Hope we get a chance to see you and KevinToo later in the year. Keep well.

Locks 0, miles oh, I don’t know. A couple, maybe?      


Carol said...

Good to hear that all is well Geoff with the three of you. Love and hugs to all xxx

Lisa said...

Congratulations on your new baby, how did the brush turn out? 100 years ago we had a long haired St Bernard, so I know about dog hair alright. I brushed her on the back lawn and the local birds would flock down and clear it for nests.
Send fondest greetings to Margaret, Lisa & David

Geoff and Mags said...

Thanks Carol. Not sure what we're doing now, but you never know, we might ger to see you!

Thanks Lisa. Amber's been Furminatored several time now, I don't know where it all comes from! She's certainly looking slimmer, but I have to be careful that the fur blows off somewhere it won't be a nuisance!
Keep well.