Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Back to Barrow

The river level peaked on Sunday evening, starting to drop by yesterday morning. It rose enough for the flood warning lights to be lit and the navigation closed further downstream at Redhill, though. By this morning it was down to almost where it was when we arrived at Sileby, but running a bit faster.

Dropping down Sileby Lock this morning

Just onto the amber now, “Proceed with Caution”

With the strong stream, care had to be taken on the bends not to oversteer, as the stern tends to be pushed across to the outside. Especially if there’s a weir there too!

A fine morning

Approaching Mountsorrel Lock

Below the lock we had a quick chat with Mike and Jo, of NB Sarah-Kate. Not boating but doing voluntary tidying up around “their” lock. Good to see you again.
It was Mike who left the anonymous comment, along with Stevefree, correcting my mis-identification of Bobby the Black-Headed Gull as Timothy the Tern on Sunday.

On firmer ground with this one, a Little Egret mooching about the shoreline as we came into Barrow.

We pulled in just past the weir again, same place as last time just pointing the other way. The weir is running a bit stronger today…

We’re heading into Loughborough again tomorrow. Two stops on the way, the first to fill the water tank and dispose of rubbish at the services here, the second to raid that cache of wood just above Pillings Lock again. If there’s any left…

Locks 2, miles 2½

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