Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Longest day, hottest day!

Yes it’s official. Today has been the hottest June day since the summer of ‘76. And with five days of exceptionally warm weather it’s also officially a heatwave. All change now though as we head further into the week…

We stayed put yesterday, no reason really, just that we’re in no rush. Today I was up early to get my morning run in before it got too warm, I was back, showered and breakfasted by half-eight, ready to take Meg out for a short walk.
Then we were moving on, heading up towards the terminus.DSCF0175

Unusually for this end of the canal Bridge 20 is stone-built. Most of those crossing the canal this side of Hinckley have been built of engineering bricks.

It’s not looking so good, though…

There are pleasant-looking private moorings next to Wykin Bridge, No.21. DSCF0178
Judging by it’s position alongside two roads I thought that it must have been built for an industrial or commercial use. But there’s no evidence of it’s existence on maps before 1950.

Stoke Wharf, on the other hand, is probably contemporary with the canal. DSCF0180
It’s now used by the Ashby Boat Company and has outlived the usefulness of the railway station opposite! The station was on the Ashby and Nuneaton Joint Railway (Joint because it was built by the Midland Railway and the London and North–Western Railway) which opened in 1873. The line ceased to carry passengers in 1931, and was completely closed in 1962.

Looks like we’re on the second brood now!DSCF0183

We pulled in after about 90 minutes near Bridge 31, Wooden Top Bridge.DSCF0185
Not a spotty dog in sight! You have to be of a certain age to know what I mean…
The Woodentops.
Wooden tops
The animation was a joy to watch. Video here.

Hi Steve, Ang. We’ll look out for you, we’re going to be on the Ashby for another week at least.

Hi Judith. Sorry, haven’t a clue where the thermometer came from, we’ve had it ages. It does have an outside probe, though, and is battery powered. Have a look on ebay, lots of choice there.

Thanks Carol, we did!

Locks 0, miles 3½

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