Monday, June 19, 2017

A VERY hot weekend!

I’m glad we didn’t cruise this weekend, it was just too hot to be out in the sun for any length of time.

Being in the marina and having wheels as well we were out on Saturday catching up with the shopping. Meg stayed on board though, There was no way we were leaving her for only a short time in a black car with black upholstery.
She’s been struggling with the heat, but we’re doing the longer walks early in the morning and later in the evening. Me too. On Saturday I aborted a 6 mile run, only doing 4½ because I didn’t set off till 8 o’clock and it was just too hot. Today I beat the heat though, I was back on board after my run at 07:15!

Inside and outside temperatures at 10:30 yesterday -

We had some unusual boats come into the marina on Saturday afternoon…DSCF0170

You don’t see too many of those on the cut!

Nor these…
He was looking after the aircraft carrier. But shouldn’t he be wearing a naval cap?

Yesterday we went across country to meet the family at Dad’s. A good afternoon with good company. We don’t very often get the chance to all get together.

So, on to today. The car was due back soon after lunch, so after breakfast and Meg’s constitutional I went up to Morrison’s and got a load of shopping in. Opportunities are thin on the ground for bulk shopping on the Ashby, so we’re set up now for a week or so, apart from the perishables of course.

Yes, we’re staying on here for a while, taking our time up to the terminus and back. After filling up the water tank and disposing of rubbish we were ready to go.

Looking back across Trinity Marina

Duck’s siesta in the shade

We didn’t go so far, although a bit cloudier than of late it was still hot, too much for me. And we didn’t have to charge batteries after all. Just out of town and we pulled in on a grass bank near Bridge 19. DSCF0174

Might well stay here tomorrow, too….

Locks 0, miles ¾


Steve and Ang said...

We should be on the Ashby in a couple of days so might see you. Hanging back near Brinklow at the moment as we are getting solar panels fitted tomorrow. Should have ben August but he just had a cancellation.

Judith Emery said...

May I ask where you got your inside/outside thermometer from and does it have an external probe? We've had one for some time but the outside probe isn't working. Is your's battery operated? Thanks