Friday, June 30, 2017

Funny old weather.

We set off back down the Ashby yesterday, a day when it didn’t really dry up at all. It didn’t start too badly, just light drizzle, which got heavier for a while then eased off, only to come back again later.

Meg and I took a walk up to the current end of the canal, just beyond the rebuilt Bridge 62.

That’s your lot for the time being…

Bridge 62 had to be replaced, the original had been collapsed into the canal bed to make it easier to cross for the local farmer.DSCF0268

The Victorian water pumping station has now been converted into a private residence.DSCF0265
As you can see, Meg isn’t very enthusiastic…

We returned through the swing bridge, topped off the water tank, then set off.

A boat coming out of Snarestone Tunnel.
One of only a handful seen on the move yesterday.

I didn’t take too many pictures; experience has taught me that digital cameras and damp weather are uncomfortable bedfellows…

Coming through the woods just up from Shackerstone.DSCF0276
A welcome relief on a hot sunny day, but a bit gloomy on a cold damp one!

We didn’t go much further, pulling in just before Bridge 52.

This morning I was pleased to see that the rain had passed over when I got up for a run. And it’s stayed dry all day, until early evening when a couple of showers have blown through. It’s also a lot warmer, a bit humid though.

We moved off soon after 10:00, under grey skies but with just a hint of blue showing through.DSCF0278

I slipped up the other day. I said that the bridge alongside the Sence Aqueduct carried the trackbed for the railway.DSCF0280 Not so, that runs just beyond those trees in the distance. The bridge carries an unsurfaced road up to the station.

DSCF0281Coming out of Snarestone there’s a length of protected bank between two fabric barriers.
From Bridge 44 to the terminus the canal is a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI), due the rare flora and fauna to be found here. These barriers were installed to protect delicate plants from boat wash. You find them on the Montgomery Canal too.

These chaps aren’t so rare, though

There weren’t too many boats about today, either, but sod’s law says you’re going to meet at a bridge…DSCF0286

SSSI sign at Bridge 44

Gnarly tree roots take advantage of the canal water.DSCF0289

Open countryside now as we approach Market Bosworth.DSCF0291

We pulled in at Bosworth Marina, we could do with getting some groceries in so that’ll be tomorrow.DSCF0292

Whether we move on afterwards or not remains to be seen…

Hi Steve, Angela. Thanks for that. Basin Bridge is the easiest for a post code though, eh. Enjoy your trip, good luck on the mooring hunt.

Locks 0, miles 7

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