Thursday, June 01, 2017

Easy up the rest of the Atherstone Locks.

A couple of boats had dropped down the locks by the time we were ready to set off this morning, so we were pretty sure we’d have a “good road” up the last five. And it was. Not only did we have all the locks empty, but the volunteer lock-keepers had the bottom gates open for us too!

Ian, who helped us up the first three

This is the best half of the flight. Flowers around Lock 5, then dappled sunlight through the trees up to Lock 2, and back to flowers in the gardens alongside the towpath up to the top.


Top Lock

All but one of the water-saving side ponds are no longer in use, and the one that is useable, Lock 6, is
chained up. Most are silted up and reedy, but the one at the top lock makes a fine, secure nest site.DSC_0016
To the left of the platform you can see the current incumbents…

Looking back at the top lock
We pulled in on the moorings past Coleshill Road Bridge. That’ll do for today. And tomorrow, the forecast suggests a drop of rain through the day.

We’re in no hurry anyway. I’ve given up on the old Canon camera, these last two days pics have been from my old Sony smartphone. The camera, in comparison is slightly fuzzy and the colours looked washed out. I’ve a Fuji Finepix S8600 to collect as we go through Nuneaton, but it won’t be there till after the weekend.

Locks 5, miles ¾

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John and Jenny said...

The pictures are lovely.... good or bad camera, they look great to us.

After doing the locks on the Aire and Calder, we been 'dreaming' of the Atherstone flight.

Hope you are both keeping well?

Best wishes, John, Jen and Rusty on Cyan