Saturday, June 10, 2017

A fuel top-up before moving up to the Farm Shop

Rain overnight had cleared by this morning, but we still had a brisk breeze to contend with as we moved off this morning. Ten minutes later we were stopped again, this time on the dock outside Trinity Marina.
Sixty-odd litres of diesel, a gas bottle and a bag of smokeless (you never know…) later, we set off again, leaving Hinckley behind. We’ll be back next Friday, we’ve a weekend berth booked in the marina.

Passing the Triumph motorcycle factory on the outskirts of the town.DSCF0085

Mum’s got her flippers full with this little lot…DSCF0086

High hedges and overhanging trees make this section remorselessly green…DSCF0092

…with just a splash of colour from flag iris.DSCF0089

A nice and secure, if somewhat precarious, nest for a moorhen familyDSCF0095

We pulled in just short of Bridge 23.
The farm shop here is small but has a fair selection of fresh veg and meats. They’ve also branched out into camping and caravanning, too. I got a bit of veg, a cake and some ice-cream for pudding.

We’ll be staying here tomorrow, moving on a bit on Monday.

Locks 0, miles 2½

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