Monday, June 12, 2017

Just a little one

I was a bit concerned this morning when I took Meg for a walk. The moorhen nest across the canal was completely empty, not a sign of mother and the chicks.

The busy nest yesterday…

I was relieved a little later to see them mooching about in the undergrowth on the bank, before heading back across the short strip of water to the nest.


The horses in the field opposite are very friendly, too.DSCF0102

I picked up a few more bits and pieces at the farm shop before we left this morning.DSCF0107
There were a few caravans and the odd camper on the field over the weekend, but they’ve all gone now.

It was dull and grey as we set off, and it hasn’t improved much. Just the occasional glimpse of the sun through the heavy cloud.

Passing the Ashby Boat Company yard and hire base.DSCF0118
A lot of years ago Mag’s brother Walter and his wife expressed a wish to join us on one of our biennial hire boat trips, but Walt made it clear that it was a holiday, none of those locks! So we hired a boat from here, with 20 miles of the Ashby to go at, and another 16½ on the Coventry. Only the one stop lock to deal with at Hawkesbury.

Looking back at Stoke Golding
To the right is Crown Hill, where Henry VI is supposed to have accepted the royal crown after defeating King Richard III. The actual site of the Battle of Bosworth is now in dispute, recent evidence suggests it was nearer the village of Dadlington, rather than on the side of Ambion Hill.

We didn’t go much further, pulling in before Bridge 28.DSCF0122
The low hedge on the left is high enough to deflect the wind but low enough to allow the evening sun into the cabin. That’s if we get any…
The canal is too shallow to get the stern right in, so the “plank method” of mooring has been employed.

We’ll probably stay here tomorrow, then move up to Sutton Cheney for water before turning back to head to Hinckley for the weekend.

Thanks for the comments, Carol and Lisa. The pictures are considerably improved with the new camera.
Hi Caroline, thanks for the shout. Hope you had a good trip back to base. We'll look out for you on the water in the future.

Locks 0, miles 1¼

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