Wednesday, June 14, 2017

A bit more good weather.

The wind has dropped, the clouds have blown away and it’s been a beautiful, sunny day.

We didn’t have far to go, just up to Sutton Wharf for water, so didn’t need to dash off. Do we ever?


This bit of the canal is very shallow at the edges, so care has to be taken when meeting other boats. Unfortunately we met one who wasn’t, opposite a moored boat. He could have given way to us, or even got closer to the stationary boat, but he did neither, forcing us up on the shallows as he muscled his way through, then robbing us of water so we finished canted over at a considerable angle.
Too much of an angle for a glass and a dish of raw casserole steak on the worktop. The glass finished up in pieces on the deck, the meat in the cutlery drawer which had slid open just far enough to catch it.
Mags did a brief cleanup as we continued, I did a more thorough job once we’d tied up.

That looks like a familiar colour scheme on the back panel…
It’s the same as ours! In fact the whole scheme is similar, the only difference being the dark grey handrails.

We were lucky to arrive at the wharf and find the one 24 hour mooring available. There was space on the plastic pontoon too, but we needed water and here we’re a hose length from the tap without moving.DSCF0135
We waited for the rush to die down a bit for filling our tank.

The café here has been very busy this afternoon, a lot of people about enjoying the sunshine. I guess it’ll be heaving at the weekend.

locks 0, miles 2

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