Thursday, January 15, 2015

We went for it after all…

After heavy rain and wind last night this morning turned out calm, mild and reasonably dry. So, after a bit of a discussion, we decided to press on after all. Not all the way to Llangollen, though, just to Sun Trevor.

Typically it started to rain as we set off, but were we deterred? Not a bit. The Pontcysyllte Aqueduct was just around the corner…

Passing the moorings below Froncysyllte LimekilnsIMG_3226

One more lift bridge to do…IMG_3227

The Aqueduct Inn stands out a bit, even on a gloomy day! IMG_3228

A right turn takes us directly towards the Dee valley, onto a short embankment, then…IMG_3229
onto the aqueduct!

No visible means of support… IMG_3230

Looking back at Pen-y-graig

The river Dee, 126 feet below and foaming brown with the recent rain.IMG_3238

The far end, Trevor Basin to the right, the route to Llangollen under the bridge to the left.IMG_3239

Even though we’ve crossed the aqueduct 6 or 8 times before, I always get a buzz. Even in less than fine weather. I’m in awe of the vision and skill of the engineers who built it. I’m not going to give you the stats here, I’ve done so before. If you want to know this remarkable structure’s vital statistics, click here.

We turned left, under the bridge and onto the navigable feeder from Horseshoe Falls, on the Dee above Llangollen.

The rain stopped and the sun came out… accompanied now by a rising wind as the next Atlantic Low made it’s presence felt.IMG_3243

Bryn Howell Hotel

We pulled in about half a mile past the hotel, on the moorings opposite The Sun Trevor Inn.
We’ve stopped here in the past, but this time my efforts to get a TV signal were in vain. Ok, ditch the aerial, break out the satellite dish. Equally frustrating, I couldn’t find the spot in the sky. I should have been able to, we’ve a clear line-of-sight to the SE, but the Signal Quality bar stayed obstinately blank. It’s been a while since we’ve use the dish, I wonder if the LNB has died in the meanwhile.

Looks like we’re streaming the soaps to the iPad tonight. We do have an excellent phone signal. it’s just a pity we’re too far away from the pub to pick up their free WiFi…

Since we stopped the wind has built up to a furious crescendo, then just as rapidly died to a stiff breeze. That’s a relief. But it’s chucking it down now.

We should be in Langollen Basin by tomorrow afternoon.

It was OK after all, Sue, but I wouldn't have liked to be on the aqueduct at half-four. The wind was strong enough to blow Meg and I back a step, then.

Locks 0, miles 3¼

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Sue said...

Phew! Lucky window.. It has been blowing a hooley here in Birminham all day long