Wednesday, January 07, 2015

Not fit for man nor beast…

It’s been pretty unpleasant out today. The wind has steadily increased and we’ve had squally showers blowing over. Even if we’d wanted to move we’d have had trouble getting away, the south-westerly has gone us nicely pinned on the piling. As it was we stayed put.

My morning run was tough, against the wind on the way out. Why is it that when you’ve a tail wind you never gain as much as you lose in a head wind? Still, my training is going well, so well in fact that my online Asics training plan has adjusted itself to accommodate my faster than scheduled times. So now instead of a predicted 4 hour marathon I’m looking at a predicted 3:41. Note the word predicted… We’ll see.

Now that we’ve got the festered season out of the way I’m getting my begging bowl out again. The only time this year, you’ll be pleased to hear, but it’s for a biggie.
I couldn’t get a place in the London Marathon (again!) so I’m running the Greater Manchester Marathon instead, on the 19th April. This will be my first (and probably last…) marathon, so I want to make it count. My plan requires over 5 months of training that’ll wear out two pairs of running shoes in more than 700 miles. I should be ready for the 26.2 miles after that, eh.
As usual I’ll be raising money for MACMILLAN CANCER SUPPORT, a cause close to my heart, which relies almost completely on donations. So, if you’ve any cash left after Christmas and New Year, here’s how to donate.

Online at Don’t forget to use the Gift Aid option if you’re a UK taxpayer.

By phone. Text GEOF58 £5 to 70070 to give £5, other sums are available… You’ll get a text back confirming your donation, and giving you the option for Gift Aid.

Or there’s the low-tech but personal option of my sponsorship form, here on the boat.

If you do opt for Gift Aid it means that the charity can claim an extra 25p for each £1 donated. It makes sense…

I’ll stick a gadget on the blog, on the right, to make it even easier.

Thanks in anticipation.

We’ll move on to Ellesmere tomorrow, I reckon.

Locks 0, miles 0.


nb Chuffed said...

I was wondering what you were training for. Hope the training goes well - keep us posted!

Geoff and Mags said...

Thanks Debby