Thursday, January 22, 2015

That’s more like it!

Well, the weatherman was right; last nights damp and drizzle had cleared by this morning. Not a bright start by any means, but at least it was dry.

After Meg’s walk and breakfast, the first task was to clear the roof of logs and get them sliced up. That took 90 minutes, then, after a brew, we were on our way.

Although it’s cold, a weak and watery sun trying to make an appearance raises the spirits.IMG_3349

The day steadily improved, by half-twelve it was quite a bit brighter, by one we had pale blue skies.

Getting better…IMG_3350

…better still!

Maestermyn Bridge is an awkward, blind turn from either direction. I imagine it’s interesting sitting watching the boats go by in the summer…

Maestermyn Bridge and The Narrow BoatIMG_3351

I think this cart has been there for some time… long enough for a tree to grow through it!IMG_3354

We were planning to stop at Frankton Junction, just inside the Montgomery Canal above the locks, but there were two boats there already. So we reverted to Plan B, and cruised another 1½ miles to just before Coachman’s Bridge.

Ingledene and a misty Shropshire Plain in the distanceIMG_3356

Moored near Coachman’s BridgeIMG_3358

We’ll be stopping here tomorrow, we’ve visitors coming. Being as we’re here for two nights I put the bird feeders out in the hedge. I think the birds around here are used to being fed from boats. Within 15 minutes we had a robin checking out what’s on offer, soon followed by a coal-tit and a blue-tit. Could be busy in the morning.

Locks 0, miles 4½

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Snowy Owl said...

Lovely reading about your journey. I have a yearning to return to the water as soon as I can.

I love the picture of the "dead" tree, you wouldn't believe how many of those type of pictures I have. I just fine then interesting.......maybe I'm just weird!!