Friday, January 02, 2015

Sunny but with a cold wind…

We had visitors yesterday. George and Carol stopped off on their way back from visiting friends in Chester. It was great to see them again; it’s been a while. Now they’re cruising with a wide-beam boat they’re limited to broad canals and rivers, and by preference we stick to narrow ditches, so our paths aren’t going to cross on the water anything like as often as they did.
We had a very enjoyable afternoon catching up with the gossip, before they left to head back to Uxbridge.

This morning the weather had changed again, yesterday’s wet and windy conditions had turned into dry and windy. Much nicer. But colder.

We got away from Burland at around 10:30, and 15 minutes later we were in our first lock of the day at Swanley. There are two locks here, separated by about half a mile.

Swanley No 1 (top) LockIMG_3097

It was a fine, sunny day, but the wind was cold and a bit troublesome where the canal was open.

The three Baddiley Locks came next, and we started to meet boats coming down, so the going was easy. Or would have been if we could see where we were going!

Baddiley LocksIMG_3100

Five locks done, all for today, and just another 1½ miles to go to Wrenbury.

Wrenbury church across the fields

We pulled up before Church Lift Bridge. We’ve another visitor coming for the weekend, and we’ll probably finish up around the corner, past the road bridge. But it’s quieter for tonight here, and I want to check out the mooring situation before we commit to moving up.

Locks 5, miles 4½ 


Nb Duxllandyn said...
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Chas and Ann said...

I keep looking at your blog. It reminds me and Ann how much we enjoyed exploring the waterways.