Friday, March 21, 2014

Showers, sunshine and a bit of wood…

After last night's rain, today dawned bright and sunny, with very little wind. By the time we moved off at around 11, though, the wind had increased and clouds were starting to build.

Leaving FazeleySAM_8668

We’d had a “shall we, shan’t we” few moments before we set off, but decided to toddle on up to Whittington.

Sunny spells as we approach Hopwas SAM_8670
Hopwas Wood is dead ahead on the horizon, and if you look closely left of centre you can just see the thin needle of the TV mast at Hints. Ha, got it right this time…

Oh, o. Is that rain coming in? It might just pass behind….SAM_8673
No such luck!

First time buyers builders…

On the way out of Hopwas, alongside Hopwas Wood, there was a beech tree (I think) felled last back end. It was get at-able, on the towpath side above the river. It had steadily been whittled down by passing boaters foraging for fuel, what’s left is quite big, too big really for my 14” chainsaw, so I had to go at it from both sides.

Hopwas WoodSAM_8677

There’s still some left…

I took four “rounds” off it, enough to last over a week, I reckon. I’d had enough then, the log is about 18” in diameter. And gets considerably bigger below the fork…

Wood AnemonesSAM_8678

The rain had stopped while I was using the saw, but came on again while I was splitting a couple of the rounds for the fire. I thought it was in for the day then, but the brisk wind whisked the clouds away and left us in bright sunshine as we headed for Whittington.

Tamhorn Farm BridgeSAM_8680
The bridges all have names rather than numbers along here, because we’re on that 5½ mile section built by the Birmingham and Fazeley Canal Company. At Whittington we’re back on the Coventry.

Aah, woodsmoke! Warms the cockles of my wallet!

We cruised through the village and moored on the rings just beyond Bridge 80 (back to numbers…).
I thought we might just make it, but I finished up tying up in a heavy, blustery shower.  Since then it’s been sunny, would you believe.

Mags demonstrates why you shouldn’t try to scoop up hot coals with a plastic dustpan…SAM_8684
♫ There’s a hole in my bucket dustpan, dear Geoffrey, dear Geoffrey…. ♫

Tsk, tsk. More expense...

Locks 0, miles 6

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