Monday, March 03, 2014

Creaky old dog…

I think I mentioned earlier that Meg has been struggling a bit, her right hind leg being stiff and uncomfortable until it warms up. I at first thought that maybe she’d pulled a muscle, but it didn’t seem to be getting any better. A bit of internet trawling pointed to the possibility of arthritis, so we decided to let the professionals have a look.
Luckily there’s a vet just 10 minutes walk from the moorings next to Nutts Lane Bridge in Hinckley, so this is where we moved to today.

A fine morning after another sharp frost.SAM_8462
We’ve another two mornings like this, according to the forecast, before it gets warmer and damper again.

Meg and Penny were frequent visitors over last couple of days….SAM_8459
We reciprocated and had an excellent Sunday lunch with Sue and Vic aboard No Problem.

It was only a mile to the planned mooring, passing Hinckley Wharf on the right.

SAM_8465Hinckley Wharf

The wharf, or short arm, runs 150 yards to a warehouse and managers house near the Coventry Road. The wharf serviced limekilns and a brick works, and the warehouse.
The Wharf Inn serviced the boatmen…
The managers house, Port House, is a fine building on Coventry Road, now the Simla Indian Restaurant. If you like Indian food, this place has some excellent reviews…

Nutts Lane Bridge is just beyond the wharf, and No Problem was already there, having left before us while I finished a couple of chores.

Nutts Lane BridgeSAM_8464
Just had an irreverent thought… this mooring would be excellent for visiting the vet for your dog’s vasectomy…. Think about it…Crying face

Which brings us back to Meg.
Our appointment was for 5 PM, and we saw a very pleasant chap who confirmed our worst  fears; Meg has early arthritis. The good news, however, is that it’s treatable. You can’t repair the damage caused, but the pain and inflammation can be relieved.
She’s showing signs in her right hind ankle and hip.
Ongoing I’ll have to be careful of overstressing her joints, and keep her weight under control. We have Metacam for the pain and inflammation, and he recommended trying Glucosamine and Chondroitin to improve joint mobility. I take that myself, and she can share my pills.
It’ll take a couple of days for the Metacam to be fully effective, and the Glucosamine is cumulative so it may be a few weeks before any improvement is apparent, but she should show progress. We’ll be stopping here on the way back down the canal for a return visit just to check how she’s doing. 

Knackered after a visit to the vet. Big ahhhh....SAM_8466

Now that’s sorted, at least for the time being, we’ll be moving on tomorrow, probably to somewhere near Dadlington.

Locks 0, miles 1


nb Chance said...

Sorry to hear about Meg, Oscar was on Metacam for over 5 years, it certainly made a difference, often cheaper to buy online if you get the 180ml bottle as we used to, but you need a vets repeat prescription... Hope you and Mags are both OK. Doug and James

Paul - from Waterway Routes Maps and DVDs said...

The Meg and Penny photo would be good for a caption competition.

"The new shelves look good for storing the dog biscuits on"

KevinTOO said...

Sorry to hear that you're now a member of the pill popping brigade Meg... but we hope that you're feeling better soon :)

Carol said...

Hi both, hope that Meg feels better soon and that Margaret and yourself are keeping well. Enjoy the Ashby and NP's company. Say hello for us. xx

Mich said...

poor Meg, We used to give our dog the glucosamine and roughly just the tip of a teaspoon of turmeric mixed in with her food. Turmeric reduces inflammation and will not damage her kidneys. If Meg stays on Metacam for a long period it is really important for regular blood tests. It does take about six weeks for the Glucosamine and turmeric to work but in the mean time Metacam is very good

KevinTOO said...

What a good idea Paul :)

Penny to Meg "Vic will give us an extra bonio each if we can steal a ginger cake for him"

Sue said...

Kevin, you have just cracked me up!! Hahahahaha!

Sue said...

Really great picture of the girls Geoff.. I had no idea they had been visiting!

My caption.. Penny to Meg

"No good coming here they don't even leave a crumb on the tops not like Mum who leaves sausages!"