Saturday, March 15, 2014

Back in the country after three nights in town.

We moved into Hinckley on Wednesday morning. We’d booked a 2-night berth in Trinity Marina so we could hire a car and take a run up to Yorkshire.

Trinity MarinaSAM_8587

We hadn’t had any mail for a month or so, so there was that to collect. The mail could have been sent down as we normally do, but a new pair of running shoes was waiting for me too.

New and old
It was getting quite urgent, the old ones are getting holey and a part of one sole has come adrift. At least I got my money’s worth….

I get through a pair of these a year, so shop about to get a good deal. These were 28% off. They got a work out this morning during a steady 6 mile run. I could do with getting them a bit scuffed and dirty, though. I feel a bit like Twinkletoes at the moment…

We came out of Trinity yesterday lunchtime, but didn’t go far, just around the corner to the moorings next to Nutts Lane Bridge.

This morning we were on the move again, but again just a short day to get us out into the countryside for the rest of the weekend.

Leaving HinckleySAM_8589

After 2 days of misty, cool starts and fine sunny afternoons, the pattern reversed itself today, starting bright and sunny but hazing up after lunch. We had a brisk westerly to deal with as well.

Looking across the fields towards BedworthSAM_8591

Water Voles are a protected species, and there’s a sizeable population here on the Ashby. But one individual isn’t helping the cause any, heading across the canal at us and only turning around when he’d collided with our waterline!

Back to the bank, sore nose maybe…
The Darwin Principal in action, methinks.

Sorry about the poor quality of the pictures, I was so surprised it took me a moment to grab the camera.

The willows are greening up nicely now…SAM_8596

We pulled over near Burton Hastings, about 2½ miles from the junction with the Coventry Canal.

Burton Hastings on the hillSAM_8593
The village isn’t much more than a church and a scattering of farms.

Mags got hold of the camera when we moored up…

Yours truly striking a pose

We’re staying here tomorrow, then heading onto the Coventry on Monday. Not sure whether we’re heading north or south though at the moment.

I watched the F1 qualifying for the Australian Grand Prix this afternoon. There seems to be some doubt as to whether all the cars will have enough fuel to complete the distance tomorrow, with a 100kg load limit imposed under the new regulations. And this idea of harvesting power for a boost from an electric motor isn’t new; I ordered several fork lift trucks with the same function 12 years ago. They were all electric, mind you.
When you took your foot off the accelerator the motor turned into a generator, putting power back into the battery. It was a bit odd at first, because the truck slows without you touching the brake pedal. I think the F1 drivers are having the same trouble….
The way we’re going they’ll be racing milk floats in a few years time.
The race tomorrow should be interesting.

Locks 0, miles 2½

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