Tuesday, March 25, 2014

A duck sort of day…

Just the sort of day that ducks are designed for; dull and damp. It’s been very quiet on the water today, not many boats about and even the afore-mentioned fowl were not very chatty.

Duck's **** bottom

Stepping out…SAM_8710

We left about 11:00, an hour or so behind NB Medos (I called it Medoc yesterday), and Mo and Ness on Balmaha.
We had a really good night last night, chatting about this and that till it was time for the Tim and Pru Show (aka Great Canal Journeys) which was, once again, entertaining. The network should consider it for a regular slot…
Even though a quantity of grape juice was consumed, I was still up at 06:50 for my morning run. In the rain. Sucker for punishment, eh. With 8 weeks to go till the Manchester 10k, I’ve now started my training schedule.
We’ll probably catch up with Mo and Ness at Stone at the weekend, for the moment they’re going to be ahead of us.

Our short trip today took us through Handsacre and Armitage, where I stoically fought off the impulse to take yet another picture of stacked up lavatory bowls, settling instead for a shot of the Armitage Shanks factory.

In Handsacre we paused for twenty minutes or so to chat to Glen and Nigel on NB Ami Bovard. One of these days we’ll actually moor close enough to have a brew as well! Have a good trip, you two.

Through the opened-out, then almost totally re-roofed by the A513, Armitage Tunnel and we moored not far past Hawkesyard Priory.
We’re having a Tesco delivery in the morning on the opposite side of the canal at the end of the permanent moorings. There’s a new 24 hour Tesco in the middle of Rugeley next to the canal, but doing it this way saves me getting long arms…
We’re getting a bit short of some of the heavier essentials. (Scotch, wine, dog food, potatoes in order of necessity).

Tomorrow, after putting away the delivery, we’ll be heading through Rugeley, probably ending up near Taft Bridge for the night.

Hi Carol, will pass on your greetings when we catch them up again.

Locks 0, miles 5

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