Sunday, March 16, 2014

Best day of the year so far.

Wind easing, sun shining down out of a cloudless sky, what a great day. We didn’t cruise; I took advantage of the fine weather to scrub and re-proof the cratch cover, removing a couple of years of accumulated grime has made it look much better.

A handy sunny hawthorn hedge for drying…SAM_8602
The faded panel in the middle is original, over 7 years old now. But I had the sides replaced a couple of years ago.

While it was drying I watched the opening race of the Formula 1 season at Melbourne. I think the new rules making the cars hybrid are going to backfire; over 25% of the cars failed to finish due to mechanical or electrical failure. The F1 environment is maybe too harsh for the delicate and temperamental electronics needed to manage the two power systems.
The spectre of fuel shortage didn’t arise, though, with safety car deployment allowing drivers to save a drop.
From a spectator point of view it could now become boring, with a hectic start and finish, but a boring M25 middle section as drivers conserve fuel for a last push.
I may be wrong…. Time will tell.

Oh and here’s one for Val. She told me I’d not put a picture up of the finished galley bulkhead. Here you go, chuck.SAM_8586

Maybe moving tomorrow. 


KevinTOO said...

'Homes & Gardens' leaps to mind on tonight's blog :)

What a 'handy' man you are !

BTW how is Meg getting on?

Geoff and Mags said...

Hi KevinTOO, I don't know about the gardens bit, I'll leave that to the contractors. Too much of a job for me!
Meg is slowly making progress, but I've a job getting her to take it easy. She's overdone it a bit today, so she's knackered tonight.