Tuesday, March 11, 2014

On past Stoke Golding and parting for a while.

My early morning run was accompanied by a brisk, cool breeze (and Tina Turner on my iPod) under grey skies. But the clouds cleared, leaving us with a sunny aftenoon although the wind is still with us.

It was 11:00 by the time chores were done and we moved off, for the last time in convoy.

Leaving Shenton aqueductSAM_8569

The site of the Battle of Bosworth is now believed to be over this way…SAM_8570

Under the railway bridge that carried the Ashby and Nuneaton Joint Railway, and the canal passes along the edge of Ambion Wood.

The navigation is deceptively wide along here, but the shallows extend well out from the banks, ready to trap the unwary. Passing boats both have to hug the centre, a game of chicken with maybe 35 tons of steel and a closing speed of, oh at least 5mph!

NP had a Close Encounter of the Boating KindSAM_8572

We made use of the facilities at Sutton Wharf before pressing on, towards Stoke Golding

Stoke Golding basking in the sunshine

There were no moored boats on the moorings on the sharp bend below the village. These are normally crammed in the winter; it’s handy for “continuous moorers” with car parking alongside. Maybe C&RT has had a sort out. Or the threat of a £25 pound/day after 48 hours charge has had an impact.

The canal swings around to the west of the village, sitting on it’s low hill. A small knoll to the north-west is now occupied by a farm, but is known as Crown Hill. It is here, after the events of August 1485, that Henry Tudor became Henry V, upon accepting the crown of the defeated (and recently deceased) Richard III.

Crown Hill on the rightSAM_8580
Incidentally, before the Tudor assumption of the royal crown, the village was just plain Stoke…

The Ashby Boat Company now occupies the wharf and buildings once used by the canal company. At this time of year most of the boats are home. A pity really, people don’t know what they’re missing.

No Problem threads between the moored boatsSAM_8581

We pulled in just past Bridge 23, a visit to Spinnybank Farm Shop essential to top up depleted supplies. Sue and Vic joined us for a brew and a slice of cake (not homemade this time, but very nice), before setting off again.

See you guys, looking forward to meeting up again in a few weeks.SAM_8583

We’ll miss their company, especially the regular visits from Meg and Penny!

“Any dog biscuits going begging?”

Sue and Vic have places to be. We, on the other hand, are killing time for a bit.

Locks 0, miles 4½

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Chas and Ann said...

The sun is shining on our garden and we are out there planning to make it colourful. The out door life for us despite not being on our boat!
Good to keep in touch with your travels.