Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Down Atherstone Locks

Maffi was ready to go before us, I still had a bit of shopping and another cup of coffee to deal with before we followed on down the flight.

It was an uneventful trip down, a few boats in the flight going down and coming up so some locks were with us, some against.

Going down in Lock 1SAM_8637

Passing boats between L4 and L5

There were a couple of volunteers working the flight, but we saw nothing of them till we done 9 of the 11, and then they were going back up. Still, we didn’t expect any help, if you get it it’s a bonus. Like boats coming up setting the locks ready for us, if it happens all well and good. If it doesn’t no worries, you just have to refill them and it takes a little longer.

The lower half of the flight sees the locks further apart, enough room in the pounds to accommodate groups of anglers.SAM_8640

That’s it, heading for Lock 11 at the bottom of the flight.SAM_8642

We pulled in below the locks, my legs were starting to ache. A hard run first thing, walking Meg and then up and down the flight doing the locks had taken their toll.

It’s was a bit gloomy while we came down, but it’s turned into a beautiful sunny afternoon, although still breezy.

Tomorrow morning we’ll head for Fazeley, aiming to beat the forecasted rain in the afternoon.

Locks 11, miles 2

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