Sunday, January 15, 2012

Winter cruising at it’s best.

What a fantastic day it’s been today. First bit of good news – Meg is so much better. Apart from one trip outside at around midnight, she had a very settled night, not waking till I got up at around 07:30. She started out a bit listless, but has got livelier throughout the day and was her old bouncy self by the time we took all three canines out for a walk this evening. Thanks for  all the good wishes.
It was a bit of a surprise, her being so poorly. She’s always so robust. We were trying to remember when she’d been ill before, and couldn’t! Yes, she’s had the odd cut and scrape, and her dew claws are sometimes a problem, but we don’t think she’s actually been sick before. We’re so glad she seems to be over it.

It was another cold night, but only -2°. Still low enough though to leave small areas of cat-ice on the canal in sheltered spots. We weren’t in any rush to get off, and it was nearly midday by the time we pulled pins.

Chas and Ann were filling their water tank as we came past.SAM_0001 M2L watering at Nantwich

A little further on we came across the first batch of anglers.SAM_0003 Fishing
With the number of boats going past this morning the maggots have spent more time out of the water than in!

There was a fishing match going on as we headed to Henhull Bridge, but the towpath was clear as we came out onto the wide section opposite the long term moorings.

Henhull WideSAM_0004

It was only a couple of miles to Hurleston Junction and the turn up the lock flight onto the Llangollen Canal. So we’d decided that we’d go up today, and look for a mooring later. As we approached we could see George and Carol on Rock’n’Roll heading up the flight.

R’n’R going up Lock 3SAM_0007 RnR in Hurleston

It’s a sharp turn left at the junction, straight into the bottom lock of the flight of four, and George kindly came back and set the lock up for us.

Cheers, George.SAM_0009 George and Hurleston Lock 1

We made short work of the locks, with George starting to empty the chambers they’d just left, and me doing the same for Chas and Ann.

Looking down from Lock 1SAM_0013 Hurleston
Cracking, isn’t it! Mags is in L2, Chas is in L3.

R’n’R was taking on water at the services, so we queued up to wait our turn. M2L went past, they’d filled as we left Nantwich, but we passed them again as they’d stopped for diesel at Swanley Bridge Marina.

NB Jandai followed us up the flight, and I went back for a quick chat as they reached the top.

The Dai half of Jandai, with Hurleston Reservoir in the background. Jan had just moved out of shot…SAM_0014 Jandai and reservoir 
There are two or three pleasant spots to moor in the next mile, but we decided to press on a little further, through Swanley Locks, and moor near Bridge 12.

Beautiful scenery near BurlandSAM_0015 Lovely

Manoeuvring below Swanley Lock 1…..
SAM_0017 Swanley lock 1

….And in Lock 2SAM_0019 Swanley Lock 2
Mags had a bit of trouble getting into this one. She coped with the fierce bywash at Lock 1, but with the low sun directly in her eyes this one wasn’t quite so easy!

Still, it was the last today, another twenty minutes saw us moored near Bridge 12, opposite the village of Ravensmoor.

Tonight’s mooringSAM_0021 Moored near B 12

It’s been one of those days that are a joy to appreciate from the water. Days like this make me realise how lucky we actually are to be able to do this.

Locks 6, miles 5½


Sue said...

Oh you have had a good day while we have been sitting on our ar.. bums!

So pleased Meg has perked up. Wish we could recover just like that when we get poorly!

Lovely pics Geoff xx

Carol said...

I'll second that!

Geoff and Mags said...

Thanks both
Sue, there's nothing wrong with sitting on your bum so long as your enjoying yourself!
Cheers, Geoff

Ade said...

Yep great pic's.