Thursday, January 26, 2012

Plan? What plan?

Today we were continuing our trip on to Ellesmere. Rock’n’Roll needed diesel, so George and Carol headed off down the Branch to Whixall Marina. Ann and Charles were ready next so Moore2Life moved off, down the main line, and we followed on about 30 minutes later.

There’s another long straight just after passing the junction, stretching for a mile on a wooded embankment above the moss.

Leaving Prees Branch junction.SAM_0001 Straight west of Prees

Looking over the flat Whixall MossSAM_0002 Whixall Moss

We made a short visit to Wales today. The canal is now tending generally westward with the border to the north, but here it (the border) does a short deviation south, forming a peninsular taking in Northwood and Bettisfield.

Crossing the border. What, no passport control?SAM_0003 Border crossing
Two miles later we were back in England.

Coming out of the shelter of the woods the full force of the SW wind hit us, pushing us sideways and making steering difficult. Going through Cornhill Bridge we got pushed into the bank and it took a bit of heaving to get unstuck. After heavy overnight rain the flow on the canal had increased as well, making progress, especially through the bridge ‘oles, hard work.

We passed NB Armadillo near Bettisfield, they’d passed us yesterday before we left Whixall.

Graham and Jill, NB Armadillo.SAM_0005 NB Armadillo
We’re leapfrogging this boat, as well as NB Jandai. They passed us yesterday afternoon after we’d pulled over.

Jan and Dai passing yesterday.SAM_0024 Jandai
Jan taking a picture of me taking a picture …..

By the time we’d negotiated the high, windy embankment at Hampton Bank I’d had enough. We pulled in a little before Bridge 50, after doing just 2½ miles.

I sent a text to Chas and Ann ahead of us and George and Carol behind us, explaining where we were. Chas texted back, they’d given it best at Cole Mere, a couple of miles further on, and shortly afterwards Rock’n’Roll arrived and pulled in behind us. Not just me being a wimp, then! We’ll all congregate at Ellesmere tomorrow.

Moored near Hampton Bank before the Rockers arrived.SAM_0007 Hampton Bank
It’s been a bright day, but cold in the wind. Pretty much the same tomorrow, according to the forecast.

On a completely un-boaty theme, I run the Great North Run every year for charity. It’s always to raise funds for a cancer charity, often Cancer Research UK although this last year it was Macmillan Cancer Support. Anyway, Macmillan has the chance to become a charity partner of Poundland for 2012, the organisation to be supported selected by public vote. It’s worth potentially £300,000 to the successful organisation. All you have to do is follow this link and click to select the charity of your choice. No registration, no commitment. Just one click. Of course, I’d prefer it if you’d choose Macmillan, but there are lots of good causes in contention including Cancer Research. Just choose one, eh. Or both, or several. Deadline Monday 30th.

Locks 0, miles 2½

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