Monday, January 23, 2012

Change of Scene

We waited out the gale force winds, moored above Grindley Brook Locks. And it certainly was windy. Not cruising weather, as most other boaters agreed. We only saw one other boat moving over the weekend, a hire boat out of Norbury Junction.

With the wind easing and larders running low we headed off to Whitchurch today. There’s a lift bridge about a mile on, and Ann chose to walk up with the dogs to open it.

Ann, Molly and Meg heading off down the towpath.SAM_0001 From Grindley Brook
Meg is normally unwilling to go off with anyone else, but with us on the boat following along she was OK. She did keep looking back to make sure we’d not disappeared, though.

Moore2Life coming through New Mills Lift Bridge, we’d already gone through.SAM_0003 New Mills Lift Br

Rock’n’Roll was a little way behind, still filling with water, so we got both boats tied up near the end of the arm into Whitchurch.

When R’n’R arrived they had a hand mooring up….RnR mooring
Well, actually two hands and one mouth…

And that was it for today. From here it’s a bit nearer to the shops in Whitchurch, but still a fair trek.

It’s supposed to be wet all day tomorrow, so we may or may not move on. Winter cruising, eh. No schedule, no rush.

The best way into the town is along the short stub of the Whitchurch Arm. It now only runs to the first bridge from New Mills Junction, where the Chemistry road comes close alongside. It was originally built to Sherryman’s Bridge (the next bridge crossing on the map), then extended the final ¼ mile to Castle Well in 1811. There was a narrow triangular basin built here, and prior to the extension being completed unloaded boats had to reverse back down to the junction.

Whitchurch Arm before 1950's development filled the majority of the line.
Whitchurch Arm

The current limit of the Arm

SAM_0002 (2) 
Google maps view of the terminus area shows some link to the past.

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A large corn mill was built near the basin, hence Mill Street, and a new development called The Wharfage has appeared. Though I think there's a degree of licence been allowed with the name. The basin was on the west side of Mill Street.
There's lots more information on the Whitchurch Waterway Trust website.

Locks 0, miles 1

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