Tuesday, January 10, 2012

And then there were four……

All on our lonesome last night, but we’ve company for tonight.
It’s been a fine day, but just got a little breezy later.

Looking forward to Bridge 84 this morning.SAM_0002
Marvellous, isn’t it.

With such fine weather it would have been a shame to spend it indoors, so I didn’t. Played ball with Meg then emptied the well deck, cleaned it out and brushed or scrubbed the mats.  Played ball with Meg then I cleaned the rubber mats on the counter and mopped it over. Chopped a bit of wood and played ball with Meg. I’d some spare wood from when I refitted the bedroom, so I got my gear out and set to making a stool. In between playing ball with Meg…

The first to arrive was NB Moore2Life, at around noon. Meg was pleased, Molly to play with and Ann to throw that ball. Then NB Armadillo cruised by and pulled in a little further along. Finally George, Carol and little Molly arrived on NB Rock’n’Roll. Suddenly the tranquil mooring was transformed, with dogs running after balls and each other, me using power tools and folk milling about drinking tea. I said this mooring was popular……

We were pleased to see everyone, but George especially. He came bearing salvation in the form of a tube of white silicon sealant. I dug my tubes out this morning to finish the work on the shower cubicle and they had all “gone off”. All except the black of course. Even I would draw the line at sealing white tiles to a white shower tray and white folding door with BLACK sealant!
Surprised smile
Luckily George had a new tube in stock, so I owe him one. We’ll stop here tomorrow, if the weather is as kind as today it’ll be another outside jobs day.

Locks 0, miles 0.

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