Wednesday, January 18, 2012

It’s all go…..

All change with the weather today. At 07:30 it was 10° warmer than the same time yesterday. There are daffodils coming up on the verges!
Trouble is the frozen towpath has now returned to mud, so we decided to move at some point today, to the other side of the village where the towpath is drier. After a walk to the shop we stopped to chat with the BW chaps working on the bridge, and arranged to go through at around 14:30.
But at a quarter to two George was knocking on the window, they (the engineers) had just been down and it would be better for them if we were able to go through straight away. Now. Immediately.
It looked a bit like a WWII fighter scramble, crews out untying ropes, engines starting up, tiller bars fitted and we were all moving inside a few minutes. It usually takes a bit longer than that!

Off we go…
SAM_0002 Convoy out of Wrenbury
Rock’n’Roll was first through……SAM_0003 RnR through bridge

Followed by Moore2Life…….SAM_0004 M2L through Bridge

……finally followed by us as tail-end-charlie. It was a bit tight lining up with the bow of that hire boat stuck out.

NB’s Armadillo and Jandai had arrived earlier today, but decided to stay put the other side of the lift bridge. 

There’s another black-and-white lift bridge at Wrenbury Frith, but this is normally open.

R’n’R through Wrenbury Frith Lift Bridge.SAM_0006Wrenbury Frith Lift Br

We moored shortly after, on the SUCS moorings near Thomason’s Bridge.

Moored near Thomason’s BridgeSAM_0007 Moored nr Thomasons

There was a substantial blown down branch in the hedge bottom, and it seemed a shame to leave it there, so it’s now in 4 bits on the roof.

Locks 0, miles 1. Cracking on, then!  Turtle


Tom and Jan said...

That Wrenbury lift bridge was a darned tight turn for a novice like me. However I did a better job of it coming back!

Geoff and Mags said...

It's a lot easier in the summer when the hire fleet is out. But then... they're on the canal!

Tom and Jan said...

Oh No!..... It was summer.