Thursday, January 12, 2012

Fair-Weather Boaters?

Well, we certainly were today! Maybe we’re getting soft with all the mild, fine weather we’ve been having, but one look out of the window this morning convinced me to delay moving to Nantwich till tomorrow.

Yuk!SAM_0001 wet and windy

Still, I’d plenty to occupy myself, a good book, varnish to slap on the stool I made, sweep through and clean the floors. The rain moved off around noon, so Meg and had a grooming session outside this afternoon, then George and Carol, Ann and I took the three canines on a circular walk for an hour or so, getting back just before sunset. And a spectacular one it was as well.

Sunset. Red sky at night….. It’s supposed to be fine and sunny tomorrow.SAM_0008

Donald faces forward when we're cruising….SAM_0010

So, Nantwich tomorrow, and the wallet has to come out of hibernation….Crying face

Locks 0, miles 0.

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