Saturday, January 14, 2012

Sick as a dog.

We had an unsettled night last night. Meg was desperate to go out at just after midnight, climbing all over the bed. So I got up and she shot straight out, down the bank alongside into the rough grass. She was a bit of a mess when she came back, diarrhoea doesn’t mix well with hairy dogs. No, I take that back, it mixes TOO well! After a wash down she went back to bed, only to wake us again at 2 o’clock. And this was the theme for the night. About 90 minutes between visits to the great outdoors, followed by a clean up. One thing came out of it, I got some good pictures of the sunrise!

Half past seven this morning.SAM_0001 Sunrise
SAM_0006 Sunrise
Of course, she had to choose the coldest night for some time to get the trots. I barely had time to warm up before we were back out again.

She seems a lot better now. A small portion of chicken and rice at lunchtime stayed down, and she had more of the same after a walk this evening. Looking good so far… touch wood!

As a precaution we’ve kept away from big and little Mollys, it’s probably just something she ate, but it might be a bug of some sort. I don’t think the Rockers or the Lifers would be pleased to have their dogs go down with the trots too!

Ann and I toddled off to Morrisons this morning, getting back around noon. It’s a fair trek, considerably longer on the way back…

I mentioned yesterday that canal aqueducts always look more spectacular from below, and Telford’s here at Nantwich is no exception.

Nantwich AqueductDSC00123
The banner is advertising “Holly Holy Day”, which celebrates the lifting of the siege of Nantwich by Royalist forces in 1644. Parliamentarian troops under Sir Thomas Fairfax marched down from Lancashire and defeated the Royalists at the Battle of Nantwich on 25th January. The engagement took place to the north and west of the town, around the Acton and Henhull areas.

Assuming Meg is OK, we’ll move on to Hurleston tomorrow, though whether we go up the locks onto the Llangollen Canal remains to be seen.

Locks 0, miles 0.


Jill and Graham said...

Poor Meg and poor you - it's exhausting and referred to as, "Baxter's bottom," on MR.
Bloggers NB Armadillo are in Nantwich too

Nb Caxton said...

Hi Folks
I hope the girl is fighting fit again and you didn't suffer too much from frostbite. Just be thank ful that Megs managed to get OFF the boat each time...

Geoff and Mags said...

Hi Both
Yes, the hairy herbert is back to her normal self, thanks.
Lesley, she's generally very clean, but did have a little accident while desperately trying to wake me up. Have washed all the bedding since.....
Jill, Graham, we've spoken to the Armadillo's but not to any great extent. They're both suffering with colds and "man flu". They preceeded us onto the Llangollen, so we'll see them again.
Cheers, Geoff