Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Windswept but dry.

That’s how we were when we arrived at Penkridge this lunchtime. The rain has since turned up as expected, but I’ve been up and done the shopping, so I’ve just got Meg to walk in a bit. Not that she’ll want to go far, she’s feeling a bit sorry for herself. Somehow she’s snagged her dew claw in her left fore, so it’s pretty tender. She’s done it before and it’s healed cleanly, but we’ll keep an eye on it for a few days.

We got away at 09:30 this morning, so we could get here in the dry. Although windy it wasn’t too much of a problem, just the odd exposed stretch being “challenging”.

Acton Trussell was passed on the left hand side, an old village noted in The Doomsday Book but now lost under new housing. It’s handy for commuters either north or south, with the M6 only a short distance away.

Acton Trussell, 20c housing…...SAM_0002 Acton Trussel
….and 13c St James’ church.SAM_0005 St James, Acton Trussel

Shutt Hill Lock appears after the village, the first of 4 for us today.

Shutt Hill LockSAM_0006 Shutt Hill Lock
Now crossing on the concrete bridge below the lock, the road from Acton Trussell to Penkridge originally went over just behind the lock chamber. The gate marks where the road ran, and you can see the tarmac behind it.

Park Gate Lock comes next, with Midland Chandlers in a handy spot alongside. The lock is so called for the  lane running into Teddesley Park.

Setting up for a quiet morning’s fishingSAM_0007 Peace and quiet...
Although maybe not. We were just going under the M6 bridge when I took the picture…. Maybe he’s audialy challenged deaf.

It was a bit breezy above Longford Lock….

Choppy canal.SAM_0008 Windy at Longford lock
but then got calmer as we entered Penkridge.

Up Penkridge lock and we pulled onto the services for the usual emptying and filling, then moored up on the 48 hour VM a little further on, with a sense of deja-vous.

Moored in Penkridge today.SAM_0013 Penkridge

Moored in Penkridge 29th November 2010.penk

Notice the difference? Of course. We’re using a shorter aerial mast…

For whom it may concern – Mags has made a ginger cake today. It smells yummy.

Locks 4, miles 4½


Adam said...

I recalled on my blog yesterday how different things are this year. Last year we still had the Debdale share and got stuck at Tixall Wide. We were hoping to catch you up, if I remember correctly, but the boat didn't move for at lest six weeks.

Roger Smith said...

Re Spot The Differance;

You seem to have more lines out this time, but I was shocked, shocked I tell you, in the background it looks like some of the boats have moved!

Carol said...

Yummy indeed......I can't wait for my piece!!

Geoff and Mags said...

Hey Adam, yes I remember you posting a comment to that effect. Still hasn't happened, has it! I see you're hoping to get out on Briar Rose before Christmas, hope you make it!
Roger, good to hear from you. You're right, I've fitted an extra cleat on the coaming just inside the cover, so the line runs back to that. I hadn't spotted it but you're right. 2nd from the right has turned around, and 3rd has been swapped for another. Well done!
Hi Carol, looking forward to seeing you, probably tomorrow. There may be some cake left...