Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Together again.

Well, almost. Ann has had to go “dahn sarf” for a few days, leaving Molly and Chas to look after M2L. But the rest of the gang who were here at Gailey last year through the ice and snow are here again.

I had a mooch around the market at Penkridge this morning, picking up a few bits and pieces, then, after a bite to eat, we set off heading for Gailey.

Filance Lock was just around the corner, then there was around a mile before we got to Otherton Lock. We caught up with another boat here, and it was here as well that we met George, Carol, Chas and the 2 Mollys, who’d walked down to meet us.

George and Carol opening the lock gate, Chas on the right, M2L Molly chasing froth.SAM_0004 Otherton Lock
I’d been instructed to stay on board, so had an unusual view of the inside of a lock chamber…..

Chas joined me on Seyella, Mags retired inside out of the wind and George and Carol walked to Rodbaston Lock. After this one we had a swap about, Carol took the tiller and Chas and I took the towpath.

“It’s 35 years since I steered someone else’s boat”SAM_0007 Carol Steering

The girls aboard as we head away from Brick Kiln LockSAM_0008 The girls

Gailey in the distanceSAM_0009 Gailey

We pulled up behind Moore2Life and Rock’n’Roll just below the lock. This evening is a get together with George and Carol, and Chas to catch up with what we’ve all been doing. The odd glass may also be consumed….

It’s been a fine, sunny day (that’s why some of the photos are over-exposed) and the wind has been lighter than yesterday. It’s also been a quicker, quieter and less stressful trip than the last time we came this way…

15th December 2010

Locks 5, miles 3½

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Nb Caxton said...

You lot might get a visit from the caxton Crew soonish... if convenient of course.