Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Shobnall shopping

We had a quiet night at Shobnall Fields. I’d decided to go for a run this morning, so guess what, after all the dry weather it was raining. Still, a bit of water never hurt anyone, eh.
I enjoyed it, it’s the first run I’ve had since the Worksop ½ marathon at Hallowe’en. But it’s surprising how fast your fitness falls away. Five miles at a fairly good pace felt quite hard. It was good to get the muscles going again, though.

Our mooring at Shobnall Fields

SAM_0002 Shobnall Fields
SAM_0003 Shobnall Fields

We got away at around 11:00, first stop just ½ a mile on at Shobnall Boat Services. Here we filled up with diesel, bought oil and filters for the next engine service, and topped up with other consumables like toilet fluid.

The entrance to Shobnall Boat Services SAM_0005 Shobnall Wharf
We’re just leaving after reversing in to fill up. The bridge number, 1, relates to the Bond End Canal, this being the first bridge on that canal.

From here it was just an hour to Branston and our stop for today. One lock to ascend, Branston Lock, before the mooring.

Up Branston LockSAM_0008 Branston Lock

Moored near Branston BridgeSAM_0010 Branston Bridge
 Another good spot for playing ball….

Locks 1, miles 2

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