Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Never mind the weather…..

Yes, it’s been another gloomy, damp day, but after all it is November, and we’ve done well up to now.
We moved off from Miller’s Bridge at 08:30, so we were ready to meet our Tesco delivery at Little Moor Lane Bridge. The booked slot was 09:00 to 11:00, and it was nearly 11 by the time he arrived. Then it took a bit of time to get everything stowed with unnecessary packaging removed.

Past TS Venemous, also home to the trip boats run by The Peter Le Marchant TrustSAM_0001 TS Venemous 

SAM_0003 TS Venemous
Is it an Oerlikon or a Bofors? All the sea cadet HQs seem to have one.

Moving through Loughborough, Nottingham Road Bridge.
SAM_0004 Nottingham Rd Br

I had a stop to make at B&Q for some bits for a small project I’m going to be doing, then we were on the way again. Turning right under Chain Bridge we spotted a familiar boat tied up near The Albion.

I know that boat…..SAM_0005 Balmaha at Albion

It was Mo and Ness on NB Balmaha. We knew that they were heading south along here somewhere, but thought that we’d somehow missed them. We breasted up and joined them for a chat and a brew. The chat lasted longer than anticipated and the rain became heavier, so we decided to stay where we were.

Ness, Mags and Mo on NB BalmahaSAM_0007 Ness and Mo

We’re going to carry on the conversations later over a pint in The Albion.

I’m getting to grips with Windows Live Writer now. It’s certainly easy to use, and being able to drag the photos in before transferring to Blogger is useful. They all get stuck in at the same size, then I use the photo manipulation options to resize and move them around. I find this works for me.

Locks 0, miles – less than 2.

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Andy Bayley said...

Hi - Andy from NB Brindley here(we met near Fradley on the Trent and Mersey). You may be interested in my two latest offerings in the posts section of our web site www.bayleyfamily.me.uk . Would have contacted you but we were away for the weekend when you stayed at Pillings Lock. I can certainly recommend the marina as we have found it very good.