Saturday, November 12, 2011

Between stoppages

Shardlow Lock is due to close for maintenance on Monday, so we needed to be above else we’ll be stuck in the village for over a week. Not that we’ve anything against Shardlow, but we’d rather be out in the country. Stenson Lock, 9 miles “uphill” is already closed and will be until next Friday.
So we moved off from Sawley today, heading for Weston and the pleasant, quiet countryside around the Trent Valley.

Leaving the busy Sawley MarinaSAM_0001 Sawley Marina
Since we arrived yesterday we’ve seen more boats on the move than for a week on the Soar!
Out onto the wide river above the flood lock, it’s a 10 minute cruise to Derwent Mouth and the connection to the Trent and Mersey Canal.

Across Derwent Mouth.SAM_0004 Derwent Mouth


With the Trent coming in from the left and the Derwent from the right, it can be “interesting” crossing here when there’s a lot of water about. Nothing to worry about today, though.

Lock 1 of the Trent and Mersey Canal is Derwent Mouth Lock. A boat was on the way out as we arrived, leaving it set up for us.

Derwent Mouth LockSAM_0010 Derwent Mouth Lock
(click to enlarge)

Then it was a gentle chug through Shardlow, past moored boats and old converted warehouses.SAM_0015 Shardlow

Shardlow was a major canal “port” situated as it is at the junction of the Trent and the canal. It’s still very boat orientated, with chandlers, boatbuilders and marinas. But if you’re interested in late 18th, early 19th century architecture, this is the place to be.

Shardlow warehouses.SAM_0016 Shardlow
SAM_0019 Shardlow

We left the village through Shardlow Lock. BW have already got equipment on the lock-side, ready to start on Monday.

Leaving ShardlowSAM_0021 Shardlow Lock

The locks up the Trent valley are comfortably spaced at this point, allowing time for a brew between each. it’s 1¼ miles to Aston Lock, then another 1½ to Weston.

Leaky top gate paddles at Aston LockSAM_0022 Aston LockAnd a fair bit of woodsmoke…..

We arrived at Weston Lock at around 12:15. I thought we were going to have to discuss lock landing use with these two anglers, but one gate was open so we could go straight in.

Weston Lock landing….. occupied.SAM_0025 Weston Lock
In the lock it crossed my mind that maybe they’d opened the gate, so they didn’t get disturbed….

We pulled in just above the lock. It’s a pleasant spot here, and there’s some good walks around and about. We’ll stay here a couple of days, but tomorrow we’ve guests for lunch. With seven of us and two dogs it’ll be anything but quiet!

Locks 4, miles 6

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Bruce in Sanity said...

Geoff: The towpath telegraph here at Mercia says Stenson has been extended for two weeks, as the chamber looked so bad when they dewatered. It's still shown as reopening on the 18th, but if it's critical, it might be worth giving BW a ring…