Thursday, May 19, 2011

To Moore to moor….

Sorry, couldn’t resist that.

We took a day off yesterday, things to do. But first was a very pleasant walk around the nearby deer park, in the grounds of Dunham Massey Hall. Meg and I both enjoyed it, but I forgot to take the camera. There's a few pics here from an earlier visit.

Then I had an engine service to do, before giving Meg a thorough brushing.

Taking a break.

The weather seems to be on the up again, bright sunshine greeted us this morning. We were away at around 10:30, heading towards Lymm.

Spray-foam insulation being applied to a new shell at Lymm Marina

Coming into Lymm there was something familiar about the canopy on the stern of NB Isychia

SWB Land Rover cab! It almost looks as if it belongs there….. almost.

On the deck of a Ship Canal workboat this side of Lymm.

Right turn, Clyde!

From the 1978 Clint Eastwood film, “Any Which Way But Loose”.

This is what I meant by the comment the other day, when I said that childcare is not a mallard’s strong point-

We closed on the bank to pass some craft, getting close to a mum and ducklings. She promptly hopped out onto the bank, leaving the little ones to their fate. If that’d been geese they’d have been fighting us off!

Siesta time further on.

We pulled in to dump some rubbish at the recycling centre just before London Road Bridge at Stockton Heath (they take all recyclables apart from used engine oil!), and then stopped the other side of the bridge for diesel and solid fuel at Thorn Marine. They can’t take old oil either. So my 3 cans went back under the deck, till the next opportunity.

Meg was so busy rooting around in the shop and chandlery that we almost left her behind. Apparently it’s happened before, to a Jack Russell off a boat.

Unusual Chester Road Bridge, carrying the A56 dual carriageway.

This replaced an “underbridge” when the road was improved.

We pulled in just short of Moore, at around 14:30.

It’s been a pleasant run, warm when the sun was out, but cooler in the shade.

Locks 0, miles 9½

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