Thursday, May 05, 2011

Moving on a bit…..

With the weather staying fair, we decided to stay put so I could get more of the painting done. With the left side finished, we went the short distance to Croxton Flash, winded and came back to our mooring spot. I was able to get the right side prepped, and finally top-coated this morning.

We had a bit of excitement yesterday. Mags spotted something trying to climb out of the canal opposite our galley window, but it was obviously not going to make it. So, Meg’s ball net in hand, I trotted back to the aqueduct and begged a lift on a Black Prince boat just coming across. The steerer got close enough for me to scoop up a shivering and exhausted bunny, and then dropped me off again at the next bridge.

Back on the boat I washed him off in warm water to get his temperature up before wrapping him in a towel and leaving him in the sun.

One cold bunny.

It wasn’t long before he was showing signs of recovery, so I took him back round to where he’d fallen in and left him outside a large warren. He took one look around, then dived underground. There’s gratitude for you!

It was about 1 o’clock by the time we got under way today. First we had to cross Croxton Aqueduct, turn around so we were heading north again, then return over the aqueduct. Even though there was a brisk breeze blowing us sideways, I managed both transits without touching the sides, so at least the paint survived the first 20 minutes of cruising!

We toddled on gently, coming alongside the River Dane, where the trees on both banks almost meet in the middle.

Alongside the River Dane.

A couple of miles further on we pulled over alongside south flash. We were surprised to see this popular mooring spot all but empty. I bet it was thronged over the last couple of weekends.

South Flash

The forecast for today was for showers in the south and west, and I thought we’d got away with it. But grey clouds built up after noon, and it started raining gently not long after we tied up. Ah well, we’ve done well up to now, haven’t we.

Locks 0, miles 3

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Carol said...

What a lovely pair of heros!
regards, Carol and George