Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Out into fields and trees

It’s been a pretty grim weekend for weather, hasn’t it. Wet and windy for the most part, and cool as well.

I could blame the conditions for my poor showing in the 10k Great Manchester Run on Sunday, and it’s true, it wasn’t a good day, but frankly I just didn’t have the speed in my legs. My time was over 3 minutes slower than my PB for the distance. Half-term report – must do better……

Not so for Ethiopian Haile Gebrselassie who achieved his third consecutive win here, and his fourth in total.

HG in the lead after just 500m, and he stayed there for the next 28 minutes.

Following him are Chris Thompson (GB), Sergei Lebid (Ukraine) and Craig Mottram (Aus). This was the finishing position as well.

Local girl Helen Clitheroe also had an excellent run, beating some fine athletes to take first place in the woman’s field.

The afternoon turned out worse than the morning, weather-wise, and I felt quite sorry for the last runners in, struggling through heavy showers.

We were intending to leave Manchester yesterday, but the rain and wind stayed with us, so we stayed put.

The Canada goose families were up and down the basins on a regular patrol, looking for edibles. And I must say I admire the parents for the care they take of the little ones. One adult in the lead and the other bringing up the rear, both going defensive against dogs too close to the water’s edge.

Goose Patrol

A marked contrast to the mallard’s rather careless attitude to childcare!

We decided to head out of town today, whatever the weather, and it wasn’t too bad first thing. But the clouds started to thicken around mid-day and we had more rain than dry spells as we cruised out to Dunham Massey.

We had to queue for water as we left Castlefield, but then we had a steady 3 hour trip out of the built-up area and into the countryside. Instead of traffic, trains and the odd police siren, all we’ve got here is birdsong. Much better.

Not much to report about the run back, apart from terrorising a duck family on the bank as we squeezed past a couple of barges cutting back bushes on the bank….


And being terrorised in turn by a swan protecting his partner and nest.

Coming in…..


Then another run.

He left us to it, honour satisfied, near Seamons Moss Bridge.

Locks 0, miles 9½


Sue said...

Three minutes Geoff.. Goodness me, well I think that is very commendable considering you had a fair bad injury last year.

Congratulations to you, and no we didn't see you on the tele!

No rain in the south Geoff, we have had none for weeks and weeks now although the wind is getting a touch annoying in my face..

Take care you both xx


Carol said...

Oh Geoff, you're too hard on yourself! What's 3 minutes between friends... give Mags a big hug from me.

Geoff and Mags said...

Thanks Carol, I needed that. Will do the hug thing.

Geoff and Mags said...

Hey Sue, thanks for the kind words. I've just entered the Sheffield 10k in October, determined to do better!
On rain, it looks like there'll be some restrictions again this year, eh?
Cheers, Geoff. Keep well.