Friday, May 13, 2011

Friday 13th, but lucky for us.

Two counts; first we set off early this morning to get to Castlefield and arrived before the rain came, and then found a space on the very busy moorings near the Grocer’s Warehouse when we got here.

This morning dawned fine and dry once again, and we were away after I’d taken Meg for her morning constitutional.

Our mooring near Dunham Woodhouse.

One of my favourite mooring spots on the Bridgewater, on the offside away from the maniac cyclists…

Aqueduct over the River Bollin.

In 1971 a major breach occurred here which could have resulted in closure. However a trust was formed to bear the burden of some of the repair cost, and the canal was re-opened in 1973. Lots more info here.

Bollington Mill

And the mill stream

The mill was built to grind corn, powered by an undershot waterwheel. Now apartments, of course.

We were on the move before 09:00, aiming to beat the forecast rain this afternoon.

At Seamons Moss Bridge rural starts to change to urban, although the green corrider hangs on for quite a while yet.

Seamons Moss Bridge

Industrial units lurk behind the green screen.

New developments at Broadheath.

The long straight through Sale.

There hadn’t been many boats on the move at all today, none had passed us before we set off and we only saw a handful coming the other way.

Sale gives way to Stretford as the canal crosses the River Mersey on Barfoot Aqueduct.

River Mersey.

We took a right at Waters Meeting, heading towards Manchester. Next time we’ll be turning left to Leigh and the Leeds and Liverpool Canal, for our trip across the Ribble Link and onto the Lancaster Canal.

Waters Meeting.

The huge Kellogg’s factory sits on the junction. Grain used to be brought here by barge.

Containers are stacked up like a vertical steel patchwork quilt at the massive Euroterminal, just before Old Trafford, home of Manchester United.

Euroterminal containers

Old Trafford.

It’s only a short distance now to Castlefield, past Pomona Dock on the Ship Canal below us.

The bridge carries the Metrolink line, Pomona Station is just off to the right.

Just beyond the station is Pomona Lock, giving access to the Ship Canal from the Bridgewater.

New apartments flank the canal at Hulme, where the now derelict Hulme Lock provided another link between the canals.

New apartments

Hulme Lock.

We pulled in to top up the water tank and empty a loo near Potato Wharf, then headed into Castlefield Junction, turning right onto the Grocer’s Warehouse arm.

Into Castlefield.

The bottom lock of the Rochdale Canal is visible dead ahead. This is number 92, Duke’s Lock, and is weiring over with excess water coming down the “nine”. Often a problem with these locks, with no bywashes the water has to overflow the top gates of the locks, making them difficult to open.

That’s new!

We spotted just a couple of places to moor as we turned in, but then found one other just where we wanted to be a little further on. We slotted in, tied up, and had just sat down with a brew when the rain started. Excellent timing!

This area has a thriving population of Canada Geese, and there are a lot of goslings around just now.

Two families came down the line of boats with their begging bowls out. You can’t resist, can you.

Canada Goslings

Locks 0, miles 9½


Heth said...

Hi Geoff & Mags,

You do realise you're heading straight for us & TT don't you? (Says she as you do a 360). We're at St Marys Marina, Rufford. Be nice to see ya if you're passing by, you can pop in for a brew & a digestive biscuit if you like..


PS: Word Verification for this comment: "myeside" lol

Geoff and Mags said...

Hi Heth
I fully intended to let you know when we were local. Looking forward to meeting you both. Booked on the Link 2nd August north, then early Sept back.
Ann and Iain (Dreckley) certainly seem to be enjoying themselves. They're heading for the Weaver, I think.