Monday, May 02, 2011

A Strong Smell of Paint….

We’re still here, within sight of Croxton Aqueduct. I’d forgotten that today is also a Bank Holiday, so we thought we’d leave the water for those that need to travel. And there’ve been quite a few of those.

They seem to come in rushes, first thing in the morning heading north as the Middlewich moorings empty, then a little later half a dozen heading south, presumably from Bramble Cuttings and the Flashes. Then there’s a bit of a lull before a regular 2-way traffic pattern is established. This short stretch between the aqueduct and Bridge 175 was quite full last night, but it looks as though we’re going to be on our own tonight.

Croxton Aqueduct, from above the River Croco.

Apparently this is the third over the river, and is riveted iron plates in a steel girder cradle. Abutments and a centre support from the earlier structures are visible in the river bed.

I’ve taken advantage of this fine weather to get the left side gunwale almost completed. I’ve even managed to repaint the stern cants, and the guards between the counter bands. Now I’ve got to sand the tread areas to make them non-slip again.

New Paint

I got so carried away that I also put a coat of hull blacking on, down to the waterline. Purely cosmetic of course, but it does look better.

I see Asama bin Laden has finally got his come-uppance, in Pakistan, rather than a cave in the Afghan hills. It was a clever ploy to bury the remains at sea, depriving his followers of a religious relic. We’ll just have to see now who takes up the leadership of al Quaida. Whoever it is, there’s likely to be calls for revenge attacks.

Locks 0, miles 0

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