Friday, May 06, 2011

To Anderton and Beyond!

Meg and I went off this morning in search of a wasp’s nest I’d spotted yesterday near Whatcroft. Just to take some photos, mind. Couldn’t find it , but did witness a display of “Get offa my patch”.

Two young swans were minding their own business near a patch of reeds when around the corner came this guy….

All ahead full.

Flank Speed!


The two intruders flew off over the treetops, while the victor just sat looking smug.

We moved off at around 10:00, crossing Billinge Green Flash.

A Great Crested Grebe let us get a little closer than normal…..

....before taking a dive.

That’s all we usually see of them!

The sunken boat marking the shallows is not looking any better.

There’s an interesting article here about it’s possible origins.

From the flashes the canal becomes less rural, as it heads around Northwich. There’s a short built up area at Broken Cross (near where Seyella was built) then the extensive Brunner Mond factory appears, straddling the canal with gantries of pipework.

Brunner Mond, Northwich. Salt related chemical processing (of course).

Wincham Wharf, home of Harrall Brokerage is always busy, and they have an impressive boat lift.

Just along from Harrall is another cluster of boats around Olympus Narrowboats, Colliery Narrowboats, and M&I Marine.

Builders Galore

Siesta Time

But Mum had one eye open….

After Marston’s Lion Salt Works we passed one of our regular mooring spots on the edge of Marbury Wood, but today we needed to press on to Anderton for water and loo emptying.

Good mooring.

We were frozen in here for about 10 days in January 2010.

I tried to get a picture of an angler but he kept doing this…..

No pictures please!

But then he posed majestically on the footbridge for me.


Just before the services NB Norseman was displaying an impressive array of solar panels to catch morning, noon and afternoon sunshine.

NB Norseman

Ah, that’s what he’s up to these days.

I hope he’s better at that than running the government…..

We hadn’t seen many boats on the move at all today, and here’s why….

There’re all moored up in Anderton!

So Mooring Plan A and Mooring Plan B both went out of the window.

Getting stuck in, BW guys clearing the weir near the Boat Lift…..

And the obligatory photo of the lift itself.

Mooring Plan C was to stop near Barnton Bridge and I thought we might be struggling here as well, but we just managed to sneak in on the end.

No rings here, so pins are required. Knocking the first in, the head fell off my hammer, but it was far enough home to be secure. The bow is attached to one of the safety bars let into the concrete coping. Luckily Barnton DIY had a replacement for me….

Locks 0, miles 6½

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