Monday, June 07, 2010

Bad Timing.

We’d arranged a Tesco delivery at The Olde No 3 pub for this morning, so, after not moving yesterday, we had a half hour trip to meet the van. He arrived promptly at 11:00, just beating the first heavy shower of the day.
The rain had cleared by the time we’d got everything away and had lunch, so we filled with water and set off towards Lymm. Just before a thunderstorm let loose.

We don’t cruise in the rain….. Do we?
It hammered down for 10 minutes or so, then eased, then came on again. We plodded on, me on my own on the tiller. Even Meg, who is normally glued to the aft deck when we’re on the move, poked her nose out then beat a hasty retreat to her bed.

We intended to pull in just short of Lymm, and so stopped near the winding hole. I got the pins in and retired indoors to get changed into dry clothes. It’s dried up now, quite a pleasant evening but with heavy clouds lingering on the horizon.

It rained on Sunday morning, first thing while I was out on my morning run. But by 10 it had cleared, so Meg and I went for a walk around the park at Dunham Massey Hall.
We often stop over around here, but I’ve never been to the park before. I really enjoyed it, though I suspect Meg was less thrilled…..
Why can’t I run around on all this grass, Dad?

There is a fair population of Fallow Deer here, all fairly relaxed with people but understandably cautious if there’s a dog in tow.

Young Bucks
The old water mill
The front of Dunham Massey Hall.
The house and gardens are National Trust, and as such are open to the public. But of course, dogs are not allowed. Only in the surrounding parkland.

But if the gardens are like this…….....they’ve got to be worth a visit. This fountain is just alongside the path from the car park.

We got back around lunchtime, and I got on with a few of those little jobs that crop up. Then we sat down and watched a couple of episodes of “Travelling Man”.

Locks 0, miles 3

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