Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Rain on the first day of summer….

Still, we need it apparently. The Northwest is facing a hosepipe ban in a few weeks, according to the news. Haweswater in the lakes is only at 59% of it’s capacity, instead of the usual 89%. This is where most of the region’s water comes from.

It wasn’t much today, though. Started at around 6 o’clock, and brightened up soon after lunch.We set off in company with a couple on NB Amy Grace, who’d shared the moorings with us last night. The pounds between the locks around the junction are still low, meaning sticking to the middle of the channel.
Just 3 locks today, Henhurst Lock up to the junction, then a right turn and down the two Poolstock Locks onto to the long level to Manchester and Preston Brook.

Sharing Poolstock No 1 Lock.
Leaving the two locks the canal runs through an area badly affected by mining subsidence, causing shallow flashes on both banks. These are well populated by wildfowl.

Goose Creche on the move.
The towpath from Wigan to Bridge 3 is excellent, an all weather surface much used by cyclists, runners and walkers.
We pulled in at the Dover Lock Inn after just a short day. Our erstwhile travelling companions on Amy Grace decided to push on a little further. Never did get their names.

Locks 3, miles 3½

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