Thursday, June 24, 2010

Fred got it wrong!

Fred Talbot, the Granada weatherman, isn’t usually too far out. And, to be fair, he was only out by a few hours. He’d forecasted rain overnight, clearing in the early hours, but it didn’t rain till quarter past nine this morning. It didn’t turn out to be much though, just 45 minutes and then the sun came out again.
We could do with more, the Northwest is officially a drought zone, as of today. Hose pipe bans are imminent….So if you’re planning on cruising the Leeds and Liverpool this summer, maybe it’s time for Plan B?

We had an impressive moon last night, just a couple of days off full.Today’s trip was quite short, just 4½ miles to Nantwich.

Nosey cow…

At Barbridge Marina there’s a couple of recently delivered boats… still in shrinkwrap!
We turned left at Barbridge onto the main line of the Shropshire Union, dropped off the rubbish and continued on, past Hurleston Junction.

Hurleston Junction, the Llangollen Canal to Wales.
It was quite busy when we arrived at Nantwich, but we managed to slot into a Seyella sized gap on the embankment north of the aqueduct. I rang Geoff Bryant, the BSS examiner, and he’s able to fit us in tomorrow afternoon. Fingers crossed…

Locks 0, miles 4½

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